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10 tips immune Failed

Si cantik Say Adei On 19 Okt 2016 | 23.13

10 tips immune Failed
Failed altogether unpleasant. Therefore, each time it fails, quickly got up and looking for surefire steps to make the failure was not repeated. Failed again, find the way again so painful incident does not happen again. Still fail again? That means we are being given a lot of alternative roads in order not to feel sick again when failed to re-whack. Because, in truth, any failure would actually strengthen. Like a drug that bitter, bitter taste that will give effect to heal.
But, what if the pain continues to whack? Surely, we will experience suffering. That's a very human thing. So, if you want to achieve true success, we must be able to be human "immune" to fail. So when you fall, could soon wake up again.
When it fails, get up again!
Here are some simple tips that can be done to make us as human beings are immune to failure:
1. Take a break. If the experience less enjoyable, the first thing to do is "break" moment. Sleeping, sightseeing, recreation, or simply walk. Not to avoid the problem, but to gather and identify the source of the problem with the heads and hearts are cold.
2.Jangan emotion. Naturally, if we are emotionally at a scene and less reassure. Remove the emotion was on the right track. Separate between feeling irritated or annoyed at the event yourself. Because, in fact the problem is not in ourselves, but the events that make us emotionally.
3.Larutkan themselves in a variety of new activity that you can create yourself. Example: Fun for a while by going to one location is pleasant, old hobby that had previously lost because of busy, or making activities or relationships with colleagues nearby. This, besides making more emotionally stable, can also make us a little detached from the load.
4.Pikirkan what was the wisdom behind every event. If it is no longer emotional, be sure and keep in mind, that all events must have the wisdom and positive purpose behind it. Believe that there is still much work and beautiful moments that must have happened behind all events.
5.Coba open old files on what opportunities might be maximized. Compared to just sit contemplating failure, let's begin to open our books and our old records, just to remember or even look for things we can do. There must be a hidden opportunity, that though we can and do.
6.Coba reopen the list of relations that might be reached. Could be, by looking at the list of names on a cell phone or business cards, we are then connected to the new opportunities that can be done.
7.Pasang next target and making plans. Immediate target pairs and stacking plans mature about what to do. No matter how small the action taken, provided that tangible action on a plan and ideas, will inevitably produce something. Focus target and our plans are in the positive things that can make us eager to get there soon.
8.Buat multilevel plan. A plan would have failed. Therefore, before this happens, make a variety of backup plan. If a plan is less smooth, we can soon make other plans.
9.Bersiaplah be a "new man". If we always think positive and have a sense of comfort in what is planned and soon moved with a measured and focused action, we will soon be able to rise to "new man"!
10.Menyadari of spiritual strength. God will not change the fate for those who do not want to try. So, we must always try to keep the foundation themselves with sincere attitude. Our awareness of the spiritual power and value of this philosophy will be a force that is always able to "save" in the middle of anything as bad as the storms of life.
Hope can inspire. Extraordinary success Greetings!
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